The PEA was founded in 1921.  The PEA was the original line
organization and bargaining agent for women prior to the mid 1960’
s when the PBA accepted women.  The role of the women in the
New York City Police Department has undergone significant
changes in the past century and as we continue forward.

The PEA has a long history of being at the forefront, working at
promoting the interest and welfare of our membership from the
appointment of women in the ranks, to equal opportunities to take
promotional exams, to equality in assignments and facilities,
pregnancy issues and other issues unique to women.

The PEA is a member of (COPS) the Committee of Police Societies
whose mission is to forward the cause of tradition, fraternity and
professional development.  The PEA is one of the oldest of over 30
Department recognized organizations.

We have promoted our June Retirees Meeting which affords the
opportunity for our members to socialize with the women who
paved the way for our opportunities and we have instilled a
reverence and appreciation for them.  We raised over $10,000 for
the American Cancer Society in our Relay for Life Events, hosted
golf outings, and Educational Seminars throughout the boroughs.  
We’ve had several social events; Wine tasting events, Atlantic
City trips, Networking Dinner Events and our Annual Awards and
Scholarship Dinner Dance. We have worked to preserve the
history of women in the Department and hosted successful
Women’s Heritage Celebrations working with the accomplished
women of today on these events.  

Today, we continue in that tradition, by being a place a woman
knows they can turn to, for counsel on issues and to further their
careers and professional development. We welcome you to be a
part of our NYPD family.
Policewomen’s Endowment Association
NEW YORK, NY 10038-1403